Youth Educational Excursion Project

Honouring our struggle heroes and heroines by walking where they walked; finding ourselves.

Our program aims to enrich and expand the horizons and avenues of business for the local Youth and small business owners in order to create a drive towards venturing into other markets within SADC and other African countries.

It is formatted into both, educational and investment packages for the eligible participants. The core idea is to make it a reality for more of the previously disadvantaged persons to visit and explore Africa from a post-apartheid vantage point, thereby improving the trade relations and social awareness and tolerance, thereby presenting this proposition; that YEEP may additionally present a solution to a phenomenon that our country has, in the last few years, been infamous for, “Xenophobia”.


To create awareness and interest for our history and business among the Youth by providing practical educational excursions, documenting, filming and broadcasting the experiences through all available communication platforms for extended project impact.


To strengthen socio-economic relations among african nations and all supporters of self-determination of all african


  • Create historical awareness and interest among Youth,
  • Create and nurture the culture of patriotism,
  • Teach Youth history practically through excursions and site visits
  • Create an engagement platform with other African Youth
  • Strengthen ties with other nations and supporters
  • Expose Youth and SMMEs to business opportunities in other nations
  • Commemorate the struggle Veterans
  • Create audio/visual content for educational purposes
  • improve the demand for intra-Africa tourism and trade.


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