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Welcome to Khevia Edu


Welcome To Khevia Edu. The home of publishing.

At Khevia Edu we offer turnkey editorial services for educational materials, children’s books and research materials etc.

All In One Service

Other services on offer include desktop publishing, Graphic Design, illustration and more.  We pair our work with User interface design (UID). Upon request we are able to offer our clients electronic interactive publications. Have you noticed the ease of filling, and submitting of an online documents? Traditionally it would have been a process spanning beyond a day or two, printing out, queuing for submissions; not to mention the loss of  your precious time to data capturing. Let us help you gather data without the need of expensive physical storage. Our services also extends to strategic S.E.O content building.

About Us

Brief History

Khevia Edu Pty LTD is a Black Owned company. 100% female owned.

The Founder is an author and literary enthusiast with a solid background in journalism and corporate communications.


To  portray the education value in the African Child by ensuring education is made relevant and relative to the African social experience.

Restoring the values in African literature and promoting relevant and creative literary works.

Decoding and eroding the mystical connotation of orally transferred histories of Africa.


Ethos and Motto

Tell-Your-Story ™


Who can use our Services?

Our clients vary. We service established organizations and independent authors. We tend to also get inquiries from people seeking simple advice on the ‘steps’ of getting in to the creative writing business. Our business strives on self publishing the individual’s work. This makes perfect sense for us in the name of the changing modern society of easy access information and literature. Part of our objective is to make electronic publishing easy to do.

Milestone Achieved

In the past we have published educational materials that have paired up well with the needs of local schools. Aiding children with English literacy given the lack of proper educational facilities.



We have published educational literary works, anthologies, educational books,novels and audio books. We have hand on experience with the various writing styles required for mainstream literary works.


How our Experience Helps You?

We take you step by step through the development of your manuscript.

We make it easier for your work to reach its peak perfection.

We make it plain, making you understand what you’re getting  in to.

We are solution driven.

We can list your work with education suppliers to government. (This does not mean you work will become a part of the curriculum.)



What we do

Your written work, also known as a manuscript will go through several processes necessary for publishing worthy materials. Technically there are many categories and creative styles and some classifications to list. At Khevia Edu we see our client’s work as unique written art and we approach with professionalism and  caution. We doctor articles and documents as per industry criteria. In some cases we can’t represent or edit a work due to its irrelevant genre and principles.  There are simply no limits! We keep to the guideline of technical text formatting and editing, then develop  with the internationally accepted structures, literary rules and changes in the industry.  you Tell Your Story, we make it readable or heard. Our methodology is simply proofreading, copy-editing/development editing, republishing, literary reviews, post production (Creative Visual Arts/Graphics/Illustration etc). These critical editing services make or break every book’s success.







Our Services


What Sets us Apart from the rest?


We do Interactive Publications

We offer creative Layout & Design

We illustrate and offer graphic designs services

Electronic PDF documents


What we  offer


01. Pre-publishing services

02. Copy editing

03. Proofreading and editing

04. SEO Website content production:

05. Editing Business documents

06. Indexing

07. Typesetting

08. Registering for an international

ISBN and ISN number

09. Gosts writing.

10. Self publishing package services

11. E-book Production

12. Development editing


14. Animated Children’s Book

15. Graphic Design

16. IllustrationInteractive Document Design

17. User Interface Design

18.  Audio Book Development




Understanding Editorial Services


This is the procedure that a written work goes through in order that it is shaped into a commercial product.

Before your work reaches commercial usage there has to be a creative shaping and molding of your uniquely

stylized written work. Humans are better equipped at this job because of their instinctive,

intuitive and creative abilities. Computers may perform astounding tasks however the

written creative feat is a human responsibility. Let us lend a hand, fine tune

and tighten the loose ends of your work. We will take your

manuscript to the quality standards of traditional publishers.



Other Opportunities


Submitting your work in community reading projects.



If your goal is to publish a book for educational purposes (for schools),

we will advise you on the processes, requirements and recommendation,

through our development editing service.



What Happens after You submit?


01. We evaluate and give you the criteria and price estimate for recommended services.

(From the recommendations you pick what you like, we are then able to move ahead with the next phase of development.)

02. We will edit your submitted manuscript and produce a perfect structure.

03. We will refine your written work and turn it into a commercially exploitable end user product.


Frequently Asked Questions


Writers Love Reading. We have complied useful information . Enjoy!




All the Works and processes before your work is ready for print or online distribution etc.


Literary Critique

We do an intense review of your manuscript. In completion you receive feedback that enables you to

update your work. With our review and critique you will gain the confidence that your book rises to

the quality standard of traditionally published works.

This Editor builds an outline that analyzes your writing skills in several ways.

The criticism given is constructive.  Our goal is the same as yours: Create the best possible manuscript.

Also in the feedback you will receive recommendations that tell you how much editing your manuscript requires.

Does it need the attention of a proof reader, copy-editor or development editor?

You may choose additional services you may require. Which, when utilized, mark your work as truly professional.


Cover design

We’ll design your book cover according to the storyline; furthermore we will intergrate the initial intended look you wanted to have for your book.



Analog/Digital art illustration of your inside pages it is a children book or young adult book.

Post production

Traditional publishers try to get as close to perfect as possible when they decide to publish a book, that’s the same standard we want for your book. At this stage we review the content once the manuscript is in book form (soft/electronic copy). Our production proof-reader scours composed pages, looking for any editorial mistakes, bad line breaks, Mis-formatted text, and incorrect design elements. Anything that makes your book less readable is sought and eliminated. After this stage you book is ready to be an e-book or a printed paperback.


Post production

Less Than 30 Pages + More than 1 Page

50 Pages + Less Than 100 Pages

100 Pages Plus


Popular Services

Registering ISBN and ISN number R 500.00

WebPage Content R700.00 Per Topic

S.E.O. Content (Per Keyword Per Month) R700.00

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We have a new exciting short story available on epub and pdf. THE GREEN THIEF is available at the Amazon book store .

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  • Dhobhane and the Magic Pot
  • Lights and Freedom

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